No Cost/Sliding Fees

We believe everyone goes through difficult times and that everyone has the potential to change and grow.

Family Dynamics offers confidential counselling at our downtown location for individuals, couples, families and groups to develop new coping strategies. Our counsellors practice with a variety of therapeutic approaches to help clients navigate through life’s challenges.

What we offer

Counselling for individuals, couples and families, as well as group services for those who wish to make positive changes in their lives.

Our experienced counsellors practice a supportive and compassionate approach. We respect your values and work with you to meet your goals.

How does it work?

Counselling can help you explore your experience and build upon your own resources. Some common issues suitable for counselling include:

  • relationship difficulties
  • separation / divorce
  • depression
  • stress
  • childhood trauma
  • adult trauma
  • self-esteem
  • parenting
  • anxiety
  • personal well being

Group Counselling

Strive Group


These 4 weeks modules offer an opportunity for skill building in:

  • self-awareness and self management
  • conflict resolution and communication skills
  • core beliefs, values, self image
  • balancing power in relationships

All notes, records, and communication are kept secure and confidential. We are required by law to report actual or suspected child abuse or imminent danger to an individual or others; otherwise information may only be released with your written consent or court order.

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