Who We Are

F&ST (Families and Schools Together) is an internationally acclaimed program that:

  • Provides evidence-based activities to support families
  • Builds positive connections between families and schools
  • Creates a supportive community to foster children’s well-being and education.

What We Do

The F&ST Program brings multiple families together once a week in dynamic after-school gatherings. In each session, a trained F&ST Team guides families through a structured agenda of activities that enhance parenting skills and reduce family stress while encouraging family bonding.

Advantages of the F&ST Program

The cumulative effects of F&ST can change the course of children’s lives. After a single 8-week F&ST Cycle, children show improvement with their emotions at home and at school. Parent-child bonding strengthens, academic performance improves, and children get along better with their parents and with their peers.

In short, F&ST applies research and evidence-based family therapy practices to promote the full potential of every child.

We have witnessed the empowerment and sense of relief associated with the formation of meaningful, lasting partnerships.

– J. Hutchison, Principal of Rockwood Elementary School

(F&ST) contributions are going to be long lasting for the school community for years to come.

– Lyette Carrière, Principal of Ecole Provencher

How to apply

For more information, please contact:

Corinne Paulishyn :  204-947-1401 / 204-770-5248 (cell) or cpaulishyn@familydynamics.ca

Halle Heim :  204-947-1401 / 204-794-3156 (cell) or hheim@familydynamics.ca


There is no cost to families. Schools contribute space and staff time.

Families and Schools Together (F&ST) program is developed by Dr. Lynn McDonald in 1988 is offered in more than 20 countries – from Australia to Central Asia and Scotland to Brazil. F&ST has been offered in Winnipeg, many communities in Manitoba and throughout Canada since 1996.

F&ST is endorsed by the Canadian School Boards Association, the Canadian Teacher’ Federation and the Canadian Association of Principals.

The Canadian Public Health Agency lists F&ST on their Best Practices Portal.


This program starts late October, for more information please contact Corrine or Halle. For expression of interest please click here.