The cornerstone of Family Dynamics is confidentiality; protecting the privacy and dignity of all clients using our services.

Family Dynamics ensures that all individuals receiving service will be assured of this protection, unless otherwise mandated by law.

Family Dynamics employees, students, volunteers and contractors:

  • Are required to sign a commitment to confidentiality
  • Are expected to treat these policies as a matter of the highest priority
  • Are required to be proactive in insuring the security of all materials pertaining to clients
  • Will only release information about a client if the client has voluntarily signed a release of confidential information form which specifies:
    • What information is to be released
    • Who is to receive the information
    • The period of time the authorization is in effect
    • Information about clients may be shared by workers within Family Dynamics in so much that the sharing is for the purpose of providing quality service to the client.

Limitations on Client Rights:

  • Information must be shared with other agencies when mandated by law.
    • Under the Child and Family Services Act – related to protecting children from neglect or abuse
    • Under the Mental Health Act – when there is reason to believe there is danger of harm to self or others
    • If compelled to testify by Court Order

Privacy Policy

Family Dynamics is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and the personal information collected, used or disclosed about these individuals.

All information entrusted to the agency is treated with utmost confidentiality and respect for privacy. In keeping with the principles of the Personal Information and Privacy Act and the Agency’s Client Confidentiality Policy, Family Dynamics will:

  • Identify the purpose for collecting information
  • Only use personally identifiable information for purposes of service delivery unless specific consent is received
  • Not release information without prior written consent except in situations where other laws take precedent
  • Collect only the information necessary to provide the services of the agency
  • Maintain as accurate and up to date information as possible
  • Limit the time that information is kept on file
  • Employ a variety of safeguards to ensure the privacy of information
  • Make policies and procedures available to staff and clients
  • Provide individuals with access to private information maintained about them. As all files must be reviewed to insure no third party information is found in files, a waiting period for access to information will apply.

Questions, concerns or complaints relating to Family Dynamics’ Privacy Policy should be directed to:

The Executive Director
C/O Family Dynamics
401-393 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6
Phone: (204) 947-1401

All clients, employees, students, volunteers, donors, contractors and board members are expected to comply with this policy.