WSO4- I See You! Engaging the Hard-to-Engage-Child


Wednesday, November 22nd


6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


Family Dynamics 401-393 Portage Avenue (Portage Place Mall 4th Floor)



There are many reasons why some children don’t want to play with toys or interact with other people or join activities. Children need many, many meaningful experiences which then become the foundation for more complex learning. Caregivers want to help children relate, connect, build relationships, learn skills, become more independent and have fun. This workshop will offer many practical strategies for understanding, developing a relationship, and offering appropriate activities for the hard-to-engage child.

Facilitators: Shay Spence and Sylvia Ritchie, Behaviour Support Coordinators in the Family and Child Care Resource Program at Family Dynamics.

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